Checking how much restore is completed:

Restore completed in percentage: very important   TTITLE LEFT '% Completed. Aggregate is the overall progress:' SET LINE 132 SELECT opname, round(sofar/totalwork*100) "% Complete"  FROM gv$session_longops WHERE opname LIKE 'RMAN%'   AND totalwork != 0   AND sofar <> totalwork ORDER BY 1; TTITLE LEFT 'Channels waiting:' COL client_info FORMAT A15 TRUNC COL event FORMAT A20 TRUNC … Continue reading Checking how much restore is completed:


Tuesday, 21 February 2012 AWR REPORT ANALYSING 1.Introduction 1.1.Purpose of Document AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) Reports are very handy during performance tuning of the database. These reports provide clear picture of database side activities. Various useful data is nicely documented in different sections in readable format. It becomes necessity to understand these reports for teams … Continue reading AWR REPORT ANALYSING

Difference between roles and privileges:

Difference between Role and Privilege in Oracle Database There is always some level of confusion between Role and Privilege in Oracle Database. It is important to understand their usage as both are assigned to user to access resources of database. Privilege can be compared with authentication. To access any website we should have a require … Continue reading Difference between roles and privileges: