Oracle Listner

While working in the production or real world environment, you will see that second
thing we check after the database is running is listner, as listner resolves the connection
from the clients, today I am going to gather questions which will help us to understand the listner and clear the interviews………

what is listener in oracle database?
Listener is a process that will listen for incoming connection.

what is the name of the defalut listener?

what is the ulility to start the database listener?
lsnrctl .

what is the default port number for the database listener?

Can multiple listener L1,L2 and  L3 listen to single database(ebstest)?
yes,multiple listener can listen to single database.

Is it possible have password for a listener?(or)can we create password for a listener to protect it.
Yes,we can.

Single listener can listen to multiple database like ebstest,ebsdev and ebsqa?
yes,it is possible.

is it possible for a listener to listen multiple protocals like TCP and TCP WITH SSL?

How to stop the database listener?
lsnrctl stop <name of the listener>

How to start the listener?
lsnrctl start <name of the listener>.

How to stop and start listener at one shot?
lsnrctl stop <name of the listener>;lsnrctl start <name of the listener>

What happens,when database listener is down?
if listener is down,Users are not able to connect to database.

What is the location for tnsnames.ora and listener.ora file?

cd $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/$CONTEXT_NAME (OR) cd $TNS_ADMIN

What TNS stands for in TNS_ADMIN varaible?
TNS is stands for transparent network substrate.










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